A Tough Row to Hoe

The dogs on a walk

Vermont is stunningly beautiful in the spring. I took this photo the other year, but it was at nearly this exact same season, with the apples in bloom. I look out the window this morning, and it’s hard to believe that anything could be amiss in the world. But I know better. I know that I have to drive an hour to work every day, and then back, in a car that burns fossil fuel. I know that the cotton in my clothes is grown someplace like Texas, using large amounts of pesticides and herbicides, and then shipped overseas to be made into clothes by poorly paid workers, and then shipped with fossil fuel back to a store near me. I know that the field below me has been plowed in such a way that the shallow streams have been incorporated into the field, and the liquid manure that is used on that field surely runs straight off and into the New Haven River, and then on to Lake Champlain, where it helps feed regular algae blooms. I know a lot of things like that, and it seems like a tough problem to fix. And despite my efforts to have a solar house and eat organic food, I’m still part of the problem. We all are. For my first post, I’m just going to say that I’m going to try to do my part to fix it.