A Matter of Perception

dandelion field

Time for a simpler post. Try this—dandelions are beautiful. They make pretty yellow flowers that bees depend on at certain points in the early spring, and the entire plant is edible. This business of spreading herbicides on every other lawn all across American to kill dandelions and the “wrong” kinds of grass is just patently ridiculous. It kills the grass, and the bees, and then washes into streams where it kills the fish, frogs and amphibians. Speaking of completely wasted money, effort, and wealth… Speaking of sending the wrong kind of demand signals to the market… Buying these products and then willfully spreading them around in the environment, on purpose, for no real gain, is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Nissan Leaf update—The Nissan dealerships seem to be sold out for the moment. I guess that’s good news for the planet in the big picture. My wife met a guy in town who was driving one, and he seemed to love it. The dealer in Burlington expects to have more in a few weeks, and I’ll go look at them then.

I love these images from 123RF, some of them are so beautiful that the image alone could suffice as a post. Keeps us reminded of what we’re trying to protect. (Completely unsolicited endorsement).

 Image credit: fyletto / 123RF Stock Photo