Leaf Day-One Top Ten List

On the ferry.

On the ferry.

We got the Leaf! Very happy with it. My “David Letterman style” top ten list of most memorable moments from the day-

#10. Realizing that the speeds required for Vermont two-lane back roads are almost perfect for getting maximum range from the Leaf.

#9. Charging for free from one of the chargers provided by the Burlington Electric Department, and then coming home and charging on free solar power from the house. (And, realizing that all the Green Mountain Power charging stations, like the one at the Healthy Living food store, are net-metered to solar arrays).

#8. The very cool “Back to the Future” electric-generator noise the car makes when decelerating in regenerative braking mode.

#7. Being able to log onto ChargePoint.com and seeing how many gallons of gas I saved by using a charger in their system (1.9 gallons) and how many kilograms of greenhouse gasses I didn’t put into the air (15.74 kg).

#6. Seeing multiple cops and EMT’s handcuff and arrest what appeared to be a restaurant worker on Church Street. Hmmm, I suppose this isn’t a Leaf topic.

So, #6b. Driving in silence, and wondering how quiet heavy traffic would be if everyone was driving an EV.

#5. The look of surprise on a passerby’s face when he saw me plug the car into a power cord on a public street. Quote, “What IS that?”

#4. Realizing that while stuck in heavy traffic, that I was essentially not using any energy, as opposed to every other driver with their engines idling.

#3. Not spending $7 in gas to go shopping in Burlington.

#2. Locking, unlocking, and starting Leaf all day without using the key—because it was in my pocket and communicates with the car.

And, #1 most memorable moment of the day—Finding that the most perfect parking spot in all of Burlington, at the south end of Church Street, is reserved for EV’s so they can charge there. (And was unoccupied, despite very busy day). Then, getting done shopping and finding your car fully recharged. Sweet…

Charging on Church Street.

Charging on Church Street.

Leaf engine

Nifty electric motor lower down but couldn’t get a good pic of it…

Image credits: Me


3 thoughts on “Leaf Day-One Top Ten List

  1. Susan Stewart

    Thanks for leading the way! I’m so psyched for you because of your new smart and sweet ride and I’m psyched for all of us because you’re sharing the info.

    1. Taborri Post author

      Susan, tell your hubby we need public chargers in Bristol–I’ve realized that EV owners tend to go shopping where they can plug in–so it is probably in a town’s best interest. (I know he knows all the right people!) -tb

  2. Taborri Post author

    Dave Roberts, who helps coordinate Drive Electric Vermont, (www.driveelectricvt.com) has informed me that the charger in Burlington was installed, and the electricity paid for, by the Burlington Electric Dept., not the EV Project as I originally wrote. I have changed the post. -tb

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