Backward and Forward

(Note– I’m deleting nearly everything that I wrote in this post, including the comments; my conversations with Ben Falk and others have caused me to rethink my ideas about the topics in the book. What remains is the much shorter version. -tb)

(Note #2-– I discuss my “rethinking” in a later post, “The Role of Self-Sufficiency“. )

More about nuclear power soon; I’m making progress. But first, since I was just discussing efficiency, a short review of this new book about permaculture that I just bought—”The Resilient Farm and Homestead”, by Ben Falk.

Ben Falk bookFalk’s farm and property, a focus of the book, is just over the mountain from me, in Moretown, Vermont. The book is beautiful, and focuses on how to design and build a largely self-sufficient, regenerative, resilient, rural homestead. From fish and duck ponds, to nut trees, heating water with compost, herbal medicines, gravity-fed water systems, mowing with scythes, and all matter of activities in between, this book is a pleasure to read, and a valuable addition to my library. Along with Mark Shepard’s “Restoration Agriculture”, it presents quite a complete range of permaculture topics.