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Hope and Honesty…

The following is a newspaper article about me and this blog, from last fall. I’ve been meaning to post it but somehow haven’t gotten to it…

Hope and honesty fuel local man’s fight for sustainability: Bruhl changes his daily life and shares big picture ideas

n Bruhl SolarFamily1389.jpg
TABORRI BRUHL STANDS with the electric chainsaw he uses to cut firewood harvested from his New Haven property. Bruhl heats his home with wood and powers his home with solar energy. Independent photo/Trent Campbell


NEW HAVEN — Taborri Bruhl’s world changed four years ago on the day he learned the African western black rhino had gone extinct.

“It just struck me as, ‘That’s permanent.’ You can’t undo extinction,” said the 50-year-old New Haven resident.

While many grieved as part of the collective tsunami of sadness, Bruhl decided to act.

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