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“Do Not Tell Me That It Can’t Be Done”

Gradual changes required.

Time to reverse course a bit?

In my last post (“1967“) I posited that humanity will need to make quite a few changes in the years ahead, and that we need to “…start letting go of the status quo.” I ruminated on that for a bit after I posted it, and decided that a caveat was in order. Namely, that these changes we need to make will be evolutionary, and not revolutionary. They will (and should) happen gradually, if all of this is going to work out. Though some would differ, we can’t have some ecological equivalent of the French Revolution, and throw out all of our cultural, economic, and political systems in exchange for some sustainable version we create out of whole cloth. And it’s not that the current systems don’t need changed, but rather because if we did throw them out we’d realize exactly what revolutionaries throughout the ages have realized—that it isn’t the overthrow that’s the difficult part, it’s making the new systems work, once you’ve thrown out the old ones.

So, for example, it’s all well and good to envision gift economies and “goddess circles” and great masses of people all growing food on self-sufficient permaculture wonderlands, but the reality is that it just isn’t going to work that way. Continue reading