Taborri Bruhl lives in rural New Haven, Vermont, with his wife, three children, and two dogs in a net-zero house powered by solar and wind. Taborri is a former Marine Corps officer, and holds a bachelors degree in history and journalism from Texas A&M University and a masters degree in history from California State University. He currently teaches history, economics, and government at the high school level, and is on the board of directors for the Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op in Addison County, VT.

If you would like to contact him directly, his email is taborrib at yahoo dot com.

5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Green Mountain Mike

    This is a noble blog you have created. I’ve spent two decades studying and contemplating the environmental revolution and actively participating in and educating others about sustainability. I hope to visit this site often in hopes of gaining insights and skills, and share my own with others.

  2. Cindy

    I find that your blog is coming together nicely. I am enjoying the add ons, about commenting and Mr. X. Keep up the good work, and keep me thinking.

  3. stephen kerlin

    Dear Taborri,

    I saw and listened to your presentation on Saturday. Despite the bad acoustics and the semi-heckler(s), I enjoyed your vision. I would like to stay in contact with you and possibly invite you to central Massachusetts in the future. I am a retired municipal planner who has worked in both urban and suburban areas. In addition, I lived on a poultry farm as child and young adult. I have a graduate degree in Urban Affairs and more recently completed a certificate in sustainable development from UMass-Dartmouth. I am also familiar with Natural Step, the transition movement and other approaches to sustainability. I look forward to staying in contact with you.

    Stephen Kerlin, AICP
    My somewhat dated blog is My you tube series on sustainability also dated is at


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